Ahrefs vs Moz: Which SEO Tool is Better? (2022)

What is a SEO or SEO tool..?

Ahrefs vs Moz: During the period of Nineteen, Ninety-one SEO was founded. Basically, it increases your website/web page’s visibility to those who use a web engine.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works by generating more traffic by using Organic Search. The main purpose of SEO is to give you an increase in the quantity and quality of traffic.

That means it attracts those users who are really interested to see your website without charge.

An SEO tool is that is used to investigate and get higher Google rankings. It helps in search ranking by giving high data on backlinks, keywords, and much more about a web page.

From the above, we got to know what is SEO and an SEO tool, now let’s discuss and compare the two most tools for SEO: Moz vs Ahrefs


What is Ahrefs…?

CEO and founder of the company Ahrefs built it in 2010. He was always attracted to these websites and search engines and due to this passion, he built his first search engine at the age of 15 years.

For marketing professionals you can easily use Ahrefs, it contains many verities of tools. It is one of the most recommended and popular premium tools worldwide. It is useful for backlink analysis, keyword research, URL rankings, preparing audit reports, and many more.

In the present time, This Company comes on the list of top tools for SEO. As they update their index with the freshest backlinks every 15 minutes and have more than 8 billion pages processed by their crawler.

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How it works…?

Ahrefs has many tools but it mainly focuses on Site Explorer (you can analyze a site, its URL rating, domain rating, backlink, and many more), Content Explore (shows top trending content and investigate all about them in deep), and Keyword Explorer (you will get to know all about how a particular keyword is going in a specific country.

It has more than 17 million root domains, over 10, 0000 CPU core, 4.1 billion web pages, 190 billion+ known pages, and 15.3 trillion+ known links. 

Importance and Benefits of Ahrefs…

Ahrefs is known for providing the best tools and is best for beginners. Down below some benefits of using it are given:

  • Ahrefs increases organic traffic with quantity and quality
  • Ahrefs analysis the history of SERP.
  • Ahrefs Sees ‘clicks’ data.
  • Ahrefs keyword, content, and site research for search engines.
  • Ahrefs does ranking alerts.
  • Ahrefs analysis the history of the ranking.
  • Ahrefs analysis backlink growth or fall over time.
  • Ahrefs do traffic estimation.
  • Ahrefs uncover content gaps.
  • Ahrefs monitors outbound links. 


What is MOZ..?

MOZ is another company that offers SEO tools. It was founded in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Mussing. It was officially shifted to SEO software development in 2008. Sarah Bird is the CEO of the company since Jan 2014.

The name MOZ is originally called SEO Moz and generated organizations like Mozilla, Dmoz, etc. It basically focuses on search engine optimization.

Keyword research, Site audits, Page optimization, Link Building, and marketing are some tools offered by Moz.

It is a software as a service-based in Seattle that sells marketing analytics software subscriptions. That measures and evaluates onsite and offsite aspects of a web page. It is properly known for its accurate SEO data.

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How it works…?

You can use many tools and do many analyses on MOZ. Features like Tracked Campaigns, Keyword Research, Backlinks, Marketing and etc. It has high data on these topics and will help you to increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search.

Moz pro subscription cost starts around $99/month.

By using this paid tool for SEO you can compete in blogging and marketing. If you need an all-in-one tool then you must go with this.

MOZ drives keywords across 170+ search engines gives 500 million keyword suggestions and indexes more than 40 trillion links.

Importance and Benefits of MOZ…

MOZ is very important as it opens an opportunity to leverage your marketing in a valuable manner. Let’s discuss some benefits of using it:

  • MOZ provides weekly crawl and ranking.
  • MOZ has an open site explorer.
  • MOZ explores relevant keywords.
  • MOZ measures site rankings.
  • MOZ gives beta access to new tools.
  • MOZ explains keyword difficulty.
  • MOZ has pro Q&A forum.
  • MOZ gives discounts on its seminars.
  • MOZ provides access to instant metrics.
  • MOZ has the world’s largest community.

Ahrefs vs Moz: Pricing Plans..?

Their price is not much of a difference between Moz and Ahrefs. The basic plans of both Ahrefs and Moz are priced similarly at $99/month and $99/month respectively.

When it comes to limits, Ahrefs has higher restrictions on the basic plan than Moz does.

For example, In Moz, you can download up to 5 analytics reports per day, but Ahrefs only allows you to download 25 keywords explorer reports and 50 content explorer reports per day.

Both are good and bad at some level. At some points, Ahref is better and at some Arhefs could be best for you.

Moz has all-in-one tools at an affordable price, for marketing, SEO, and advertising…tools are available in Moz. So, if you don’t want to spend more and wanted an all-in-one toll… Moz is best for you.

And if you are focusing on backlinks, want a less complicated interface and also a mobile-friendly tool…Go for the Arhefs.

Ahrefs Pricing Plans

Ahrefs offers 4 monthly pricing plans. You can save 20% on your total bill amount by opting for annual billing:

As mentioned earlier, Ahrefs doesn’t offer a free trial. You can get full week access to any of their plans by paying $7.

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Moz Pricing Plans

Below are the Moz pricing plans as of early 2022. If you switch to annual billing, you can save 20% on your total billing amount.

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Ahrefs VS Moz: Which SEO Tool is Better? 2022

MOZ and Ahrefs both offer great backlink trackers and are good at their place. Ahrefs shows who linked and displayed as graphs on the dashboard whereas MOZ focuses on who linked you, with offering more filters.

Let’s compare them on the bases of some common features:

  • Position Explorer: Ahrefs has this feature which lets you check ranks of URL, domain/ sub-domain in Google. Whereas, MOZ doesn’t have this feature but it can cross-reference your domain. 
  • Keyword Explorer: MOZ lacks in terms of keyword research as you can only narrow down your list of potential keywords.  And Ahrefs’ keywords explorer generates new ones.
  • On-page Optimization:  MOZ is better than Ahrefs on the basis of page optimization because only MOZ has the capability to check how well your pages are optimized. And it also gives tips to improve your content.
  • Backlinks: Backlink is an important part for you so you should know if your SEO tool working well on it? Ahrefs is better than MOZ while calculating backlinks.
  • Content Ideas: For good results in content, Ahrefs is pretty good than MOZ and also less expensive.
  • Price: Arhefs gives better features than Moz, so it is quite expensive than Moz. You can take a trial for 7days @$7 & and FREE on Arhefs and Moz respectively.

Ahrefs vs Moz: Who is Winner ?

Before knowing which is better, see what kind of tool you wanted. Both are examples of all-in-one tools for SEO. But at some points, MOZ is better and at some Arhefs could be best for you.

On the basis of people reviews, people find Ahrefs more suitable for them as it is less expensive than MOZ.

So, do you use any one of them? Let us know the reason for choosing it.

And if you are focusing on backlinks, want a less complicated interface and also a mobile-friendly tool…Go for the Arhefs.

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