10 Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Usually Make

Amateur Bloggers

Being a novice in this blogging field is a new journey. Making wrong decisions and taking incorrect steps are some common mistakes. 

But having proper knowledge and guidance can save you from some awful mistakes.    

If you have started blogging just know and you make minor mistakes as an amateur blogger then, this article is just for you! 

Here you will know about 10 common mistakes done by every amateur blogger. 

I committed some of these mistakes at the starting of my carrier. But you can fix them before facing substantial loss. 

Read this article entirely and you can find which mistakes you can avoid now. 

So, let’s get started! 

What are the most common mistakes that amateur bloggers usually make?

1. Selecting The Wrong Niche

Niche is an important part of a blogger, selecting the right one is as well. But what most of the amateur bloggers do is, post different topics on the same blog thinking…it may rank on Google. 

This is not a smart decision! Google ranks a website by seeing the blog category.

Now, this mistake can easily be fixed by working on a single category.

Example: If your blogs are related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Digital Marketing, keep the content the same, and maintain the value of your website. Don’t post Beauty Contents from the next day thinking it may generate more traffic.

When your website runs on a common topic…it becomes easy to rank on search engines. 

2. Choosing Free Domain

Another common mistake being an amateur blogger is…using a free domain from your website. This may not affect your content but by doing this, you will not get any improving results on your website.

While using a free domain you don’t get full control of it. You can lose your content as well. Also, these free domains are unfriendly to SEO.

So, go for a custom domain name, it exposes your website to large traffic. This will also create a unique presentation of your website.

By registering a domain name you will establish a proper brand and you can customize your blogs as to how you want.

This gives great freedom!

3. Choosing a Bad Hosting

If you are looking for a cheap hosting service / free hosting, that means you are committing a mistake by ignoring this.

That cheap hosting / free hosting does not provide as many benefits as those of standard prices, does not mean that you should not go for the best.

If your site loading speed good then google automatically rank your site top 10 and get more organic traffic.

All people find in Google’s cheapest web hosting services / free hosting. And buy cheapest hosting but few months do not rank this website.

Now, Questions Why? Because the cheapest web hosting not provide SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Good Performance, and many more. So, my personal opinion is always to buy a good hosting.

If you are a blogger who is committing this mistake, Then I recommend you to move on a good hosting providers.

WordPress.org personally recommend going with A2HostingBluehost, SiteGround. They are the best and most well-known provider in the industry.

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4. Irrelevant Blog Design

This is a very common mistake that is also done by me.

Being a beginner blogger you might don’t want to invest in premium and quality themes or designs. So, using free tools looks like a suitable idea. Although it is not!

But still, free designs and themes do not match quality websites.

These free ones are uneven to manage and reduce the speed of your blog. It affects SEO optimization as well.

While on the other hand, using premium themes gives a professional touch to your website. You can customize and update them according to your content.

Certainly, they help in SEO optimization and ranking on search engines.

5. Low or No Responsive

The first thing audience will see how responsive your website is.

You may be a beginner but don’t look at your site as well. Create a professional design so the visitors will find it valuable and informative. Don’t let them escape by seeing a low responsive look.

This kills traffic on amateur blogs!

Your website should be both mobile and computer responsive, this makes it easy to interact with the audience.

And as I mentioned earlier, don’t hesitate in investing! Premium tools create quality content. They help you in reaching a high audience and to rank higher on search engines.

6. Not Doing Keyword Research 

Keywords are the soul of your blog, if you are not focusing on keyword research then, you will not run a long-term website. I see a lot of amateur blogs where they don’t do proper keyword researching. 

Check this article once again…you will find that I am using Amateur Blogger or Mistakes done by Amateur Bloggers as a keyword. You must get here by searching for something related to this! 

This is how keyword research is done…

You can take the help of Keyword Research Tools, present on the internet. Some of them are free but going for paid ones will show you valuable results. 

However, you can start by using free tools.

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7. Copying Content

When a newbie blogger post a article they copying posts from other famous blog of same niche and with a few modifications publish it on our site.

And that’s why they don’t rank? because the content is already ranked on google and this content is copied. That’s called Plagiarism.

So, If you are making this mistake, then be aware and try to produce content on your own.

So, you should always try to write your own original content. Then you can succeed in not only in blogging but anywhere in your life.

8. Not Focusing On Backlinks 

If you want to rank your website, start creating backlinks. I found many amateur blogs where they have not created a single backlink!

It is a common mistake by amateur bloggers who think they can just leave after publishing blogs on search engines. The work doesn’t end here!

Your blog may get average traffic but once you create proper backlinks…it will rank higher on Google.

One can build free backlinks for his blogs! 

9. Neglecting The Useful Tools/Plugins

When you are building a carrier or experience in this field…you need to learn inviting simultaneously. If you want to be a successful blogger, know the essential things, and invest in them.

Plugins and Tools come in this list.

Invest in relevant tools and plugins now, these are necessary components in your blogs. They will give a return to you as a high profit.

Don’t be confused! There are many plugins and tools which will improve your blog quality…

Ahrefs or SEMrush, a perfect SEO tool.

Grammarly, an online tool to check the grammar and vocabulary of your content.  

Short Pixel, a great plugin to optimize images.

Thrive, Architect, an advanced plugin to design your blogs.

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10. Not Updating The Blogs

Countess numbers of articles present on the internet are outdated! I hope you don’t want to list your blog in them. Google ranks those articles which are fresh.

So, when your blog gets ranked…keep updating it!

Improving minor points or adding a few paragraphs twice a year will be enough…don’t add a bunch of things.

This step will save you from being an amateur blogger.


You learned a lot about upgrading your blogs…and now, it’s your turn.

Mistakes I listed in this article are common and if you must avoid them from today. If you don’t do so…you can’t take your website to a high level.

Avoid being an amateur blogger!

Hopefully, you found this article useful. If you know any other mistake a beginner do…share it in the comment section.

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