5 Best Cache Plugin For WordPress in 2021

Best Cache Plugin For WordPress: You must be introduced to the term “Cache”. It is a term which done catching, Catching refers to storing recently viewed content. It is a temporary data which helps app, browsers, and website to load faster.

It helps in retrieving data that makes your Phone, Computer, and Laptop run faster. By putting cache, whenever someone visits your site…the work burden becomes less for the web page.

That’s why everyone needs WordPress caching plugins; if it is not there…your website will serve every time someone visits your content even if they come again and again.

Basically, it generates an HTML page of your website and saves it on your server. And it was used when someone visits your page multiple times.

Why use “Cache Plugins” in WordPress?

  • It increases the user experience.
  • Speed up the website.
  • Lower your time to the first byte.
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization.
  • Reduces the burden on your website.

Hundreds of caching plugins for WordPress are available on the internet. They claim to boost up your site but you can’t say anything before using it. The work of the cache plugin depends upon the website’s content and its traffic.

Still, I have listed some of the best Cache Plugin for WordPress that stands best from the others.

Let’s get started…

1. WP Super Cache

Known for its high-quality performance, WP Super Cache has installation over 2 million and that is just awesome.

No issues of budget, this plugin is absolutely free of cost. So, don’t need to worry about spending money on it moreover, you can use the saved money on other works on your website.

You will get three modes of caching i.e.

  • Simple: It is avoided by most of us. The majority of pages are active in the simple caching mod. This option is preferred because you don’t need to change .htacess name.
  • Expert: If you know coding and web development, this option is good for you. Moreover, it demands you to modify your .htacess name. If you find it a bit complex, you should choose another mode rather than damaging your website.
  • WP-cache caching: You might guess about its work from its name. It is used to cache for regular or known visitors. If you have an audience how regularly visit, comments, or log on to your website, this is the best option for you.

WP-cache caching is highly recommended. You are in this field for a long time, you should use this one. Even if you are a beginner, you can use its Simple Mod for no complexity.

2. W3 Total Cache

One of the popular WordPress cache plugins in the, W3 Total Cache has more than a million installations. It is a free cache plugin for WordPress which gives you amazing features.

It saves HTML compression, bandwidth, and feed optimization as well. This is the reason for its popularity.

W3 Total Cache works in both desktop and mobile visions for your site, it can easily assimilate with the CDN of your website.

Moreover, you can’t say it is easy to use. It is preferred by many but quite complex as well. And definitely not recommended for beginners.

You don’t have manual controls to the options, if you have good experience in the developing field you can modify these settings and if not, try to use default ones.

There are different settings, for adding customization of different caches. And that are Object Caching, Page Caching, Browser Caching, and Database Caching.

Overall, it is a good plugin for WordPress while having no cost.

3. Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is designed for every kind of content without any complexity. It boosts up the speed of the page by optimizing bandwidth which means it is meant for WordPress sites.

It is the most recommended cache for beginners because it manages its maximum features automatically and doesn’t create a lot of burdens on users.

Once you install this plugin, implement ‘Set it and forget it’ which reduces your configurations initially.

Hyper Caches gives details of settings. If you get confused in settings while using other plugins, Hyper Cache will solve this problem by providing complete information.

So, it is the best plugin, if you are new in this field go of Hyper Cache Plugin WP. 

4. WP Rocket

Another good best cache plugin WordPress for beginners is WP Rocket which is much known for its overall simple working.

It has a customized setting that can help advance developers or site owners. WP Rocket is one of the quick programming plugins.

Moreover, it is not free but wrathful. Starting from $49 per year for a single website it has a plan of $249 where it works for unlimited websites for a year. You can pay for one site and have a plugin with a smooth interface and easy setup.

Hence, WP Rocket is a best plugin for both advance and beginner developers as well.

5. Comet Cache

Having user-friendly navigation on the dashboard, Comet Cache is known for its quick installations.

It tells a lot of things about caching. I personally used this as well. Comet Cache is an informational plugin. And will definitely increase the performance of your site.

Comet Cache provides different options of cache like Pages, Posts, Tags, and Categories.

This WordPress is for users who are looking for modest and clear customization. If you have good traffic that ‘Logged In’ as regular users, Hyper Cache is the best option for you.

This plugin comes with both paid and free plans. The paid one definitely offers some extra and upgraded features but the free plan also works great.

The upgraded version has an option like automatic cache clearing. Once you configure your settings, this version works itself…automatically.

Overall, Comet Cache has best features in its premium version.

Which one to choose?

After, discussing so much about plugins…you must get to know how it is important in boosting and speeding up your website. But, after seeing tons of options in the market, users get confused to choose the best cache plugin for WordPress.

Before installing any plugin, you must see which kind of website you have. If you are a beginner go for a plugin that is suitable and comfortable in use or if you are an advanced developer…check out other plugins related to your website.

Moreover, it also matters…if you are looking for a free or premium plugin. Hence, getting a cache plugin for WordPress depends on your requirements. Still, we discussed some best WordPress caching plugins.

Which Cache plugin you were using till now? And which one you are going to install? Comment below and let us know…

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