TOP 10 FREE Keyword Research Tool For SEO in 2021

Free Keyword Research Tool 2021: Keywords are a part of SEO researching; a keyword can be a word or a phrase that defines your content.

When you post a blog/article on any Search Engine, Goggle uses that information from which particular search query, your blog/article is related.

While, how your and other’s content should rank in SEARCHES for a specific period.

So, what does a keyword research tool do? Basically, it helps to find keywords with high volume and low competition. These keywords or phrases can be used in your blogs/articles for profit.

With the use of Keyword Research Tools, professional find out those terms which are highly searched on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

These tools are available in online market in having some paid plans.

Moreover, Free Keyword Research Tools are also available. These tools show keywords having low competition and high volume in search engines.

Daily, a lot of people get attracted to this field but find difficulty when there is so variation in Best Keyword Research Tool Free.

Not everyone wanted to spend on any tool, so they look for a free one.

So, we will discuss some of the free keyword research tools in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest keyword research tools one of the popular free keyword research tool SEO. It was founded by Neil Patel in 2017.

You expect this tool to provide you with all of the keywords and data that you need to make informed decisions. it’s important to remember one thing, you may not be getting as much data as you think.

Ubersuggest provides you with keywords that are not available through the Google Keyword Planner.

Type in your keyword to this keyword tool and click ‘Suggest’. This generates a list of keywords that is big enough to keep you busy for quite some time.

With this organized approach, you have a better chance of reviewing every keyword, without missing one that could be a game-changer for your site.

2. WordTracker

Word Tracker is one of the friendly free keyword research tools. It was created in 1945, by some creative people.

This tool has also some paid plans with extra features and functions as its minimum paid plan starts with and 27 per month. But, you can get free keywords and use them in your articles/blogs and PPC.

Word Tracker has many features like Keywords Tool, Inspect Tool, Niche Explorer and Costume Reports.

Daily, you can search 10 keywords on this. Each search shows up to 50 results. While in a paid plan you get up to 1,000 results at one click.

Overall, Word Tracker is a good free tool for keyword research. It is simple and comfortable to work in it.

3. Soovle

Soovle is our next free tool for keyword, founded by Nathan Gotch.

The first page of the Soovle has a simple interface. You will find different search engines on its theme page like Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and many more.

When you enter a keyword on its main search bar, without clicking on search…it will quickly show results on different search engines.

If you click on ‘Soovle’ after entering the keyword, it takes you directly to Google and shows which articles are ranking on the top…related to that keyword.

You can use its keywords in YouTube as a Tag and also rank your article on other sites.  

Hence, Soovle is a good tool for SEO and its keyword helps you generate high traffic from other sites also.

4. Answer The Public

With a really attractive interface, Answer The Public is standing in the list of free keyword research tools.

The first page is created amazingly; it works by representing the most searched questions in the form of a keyword. You can use these questions as a topic of your article/blog and can give answers to them.

Answer The Public takes quite a time to gather the data related to your searched term. Alphabetical order can also be seen for a keyword.

The best thing about using its keywords is that the keywords it shows are already indexed in Goggle… which increases chances of high ranking and traffic.

Also, it has premium plans as well.

The only drawback is it is that it doesn’t show the volume of the keywords. But you can get that in paid ones.

So, Answer The Public is pretty good tool for keyword research purpose.

5. KTD (Keyword Tool Dominator)

KTD refers to Keyword Tool Dominator, which is a popular keyword researcher. It has some premium upgrades for extra features.

Talking about its free version, you get 2 searches per in Free Trail.

The filters can be filtered as per your requirements. It has good reach in Amazon, Bing, eBay, YouTube, Google, and many more.

The work is decent, it ranks the most searched keyword related to your given term. And, also sorts keywords as per their popularity.

Keyword Tool Dominator lacks one the bases of showing volume. It doesn’t do so in the free plan but that feature is also available in premium plans.

Overall, KTD (Keyword Tool Dominator) is fine tool for finding good keyword ideas.

6. KeySearch

KeySearch is a tool providing brief data related to particular keywords. It was founded by Dan Pfeffer in 2015.

It shows low competition with high volume in any reach. Whether it is a Trial or a Purchased plan, having an account in this tool is compulsory for searching keywords.

In free plan, you get daily 5 searches but the information about those searches is in deep.

The interface is clean and simple having organic keywords and backlinks. The only, drawback of this tool is, it doesn’t get rank tracked for a related search.

Still, it gives many functions in free trial comparing from other tools.

7. InstaKeywords

One of the best free keyword research tools, InstaKeywords is recommended for beginners.

Monthly you get the facility to search 100 keywords. It shows the volume of the keywords very easily.

I like the way of presentation of data in InstaKeywords. It gives brief details using graphs which makes it easy to understand by users.

Premium plans are also available in it, having additional functions – features.

While for doing any search…sign up is necessary. You can make an account easily and use keywords in your blogs/ articles.

Hence, it is perfect tool for keyword researching purpose.

8. Keyword In

Keyword In is known for its basic interface. It is a free of cost tool for keyword researching.

You will see two functions in this tool i.e. Generate Keywords for SEO and PPC and Generate New Domain Name.

After searching a keyword you can filter it in Broad, Phrase and Exact match.

Keyword In catches all its data from Goggle directly and gives accurate information. Moreover, the volume of the keyword is not available.

Overall, more features are available in Keyword In. But still is up to the mark.

9. WordStream

Keyword research can be a slog, but WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool makes it fast and easy to find the keywords your business needs to drive traffic through organic and paid search.

Enter a keyword or website URL to get hundreds of relevant keyword results, tailored to your industry and country.

Each keyword has a competition score, and an estimated CPC that helps you make the most of your marketing budget.

Download your full keyword list in a CSV format that’s ready to upload directly into Google Ads, so you can get to work on your new campaigns.

Hence, it is perfect tool for keyword researching purpose.

10. LSIGraph (Generate LSI Keywords)

LSI Keyword is my best free keyword research tool and keyword that is semantically linked to the main keyword. In a nutshell, LSI keywords are keywords that we generally find related to the main keyword.

In SEO (search engine optimization) context, they are keywords that we should be using in our content to help search engines understand our content better.

LSI keywords that are just right for your topic & niche. Steer away from the competition with contextually unique content and create your own ranking success story.

You may have picked your target keyword for the next content, but do you know the best way to write and rank for it?

Discover the top successful content with high ranking and engagement rates. Learn from the best and outrank them with the power of LSI keywords.


So, these are some of the Free Keyword Research Tools. However, free plans have a limit of search, but overall these are up to the mark.

You can use their keywords in your blogs or articles and generate traffic on your website.

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