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The free Domain name for a website: To start a fresh web page, it is necessary to choose a domain name, find a quality web designer, and a decent hosting to host the page. All this adds up when calculating expenses.

Therefore, depending on our budget circumstances. It may be interesting to go for certain free services. In this post, we focus on how to create free domains.

What is a free domain?

The domain is the name of a web page that we type in the browser bar to search for a website. In the case of this free domain, for (example, Here it is considered as a domain, although it’s a free domain.

Sometimes the difference between hosting and domain is not clear. Well, to view it more easily, let’s imagine that your website is your home or store in the virtual world.

In this metaphor, the hosting would be the building where your website is located and the domain would be the address. For this reason, an internet domain is also often called a web address.

The domain name consists of three parts. The name itself, the period, and an extension, which can be com, org, or in. Among many others.

We already talked about the types of domains that exist, which are the most used in the world. And some considerations to choose the most appropriate domain.

How to get a free domain?

Nowadays, you can contract a domain directly from the website of many domain registrars or hosting providers. Some of them offer totally free domains, while others include them as part of the hosting plans. Let’s see the differences between the free domain website.

1: FREE .com domain with a cheap hosting plan

As we mentioned before, to make a web page public it is necessary to have a hosting service. Where you can save and manage all the files that make it up. Just hiring a domain is not enough for us.

For this reason, many quality providers offer complete plans at very affordable prices. In which, when hiring the accommodation, a free domain is included for a certain period to be renewed at a minimum cost.

For example, offers to host plans that include 2 free web domains for the first year.

.online extension plus another to choose between

  • .com
  • .in
  • .pt
  • .fr
  • .eu
  • .biz
  • .fun
  • .net
  • .cat
  • .org
  • .site
  • .info
  • .mobi
  • .space
  • .online
  • .website

This comprehensive service has a monthly fee of just over 5 euros. In addition to hosting and domain, includes email accounts and SSL certificates.

The main advantage of these plans is that we can have a web address with your matching email to convey confidence. And manage them comfortably from the same place where we store our website. All at a very competitive price, also for SMEs and freelancers.

The main advantage of these plans is that we can have a web address with your matching email to convey confidence. And manage them comfortably from the same place where we store our website. All at a very competitive price, also for SMEs and freelancers.

2: FREE domain and free hosting this website with free domain (example: free of charge for an unlimited period of time. Provided that we only use their hosting services.

The package includes domain hosting and 5 GB of monthly traffic, although it has significant limitations. Such as the fact that you cannot upload files larger than 15 MB or transfer the domain name to another provider.

Furthermore, is a subdomain whose owner is In which principle does not affect users other than having to remember a longer address. This means that if the company disappears, it will take our address with it.

If you are looking for a simple page option and are not interested in long-term growth or maintenance possibilities. The free service may be right for you.

3: FREE .tk domains without hosting website, managed by Freenom, offers .tk domains (example: However, it does not have web editor or hosting capabilities.

As well as .tk extension another to choose between

  • .ml
  • .ga
  • .cf
  • .gq

Aside from the fact that there is no payment whatsoever. The highlight of the .tk domain is that, unlike the It can be transferred to a hosting provider to create a website or email address.

While the main disadvantages are that it can only be registered for one year. And that it does not rank as well as the .com or .net extensions. Also, usage is free at this time, but there is no guarantee that they will continue to be that way in the future.

*Free domain .tk domains can be a good solution for a temporary site or for projects that don’t need professional results.

4: FREE subdomain with a web editor

Most of the projects that start on the Internet are launched from a blogging platform, such as WordPress, Blogger, or Weebly. This provides a totally free domain name with hosting them with an editor to create the page and a sub-address of the type.

(example:, (example:

The points in favor of these platforms are that everyone knows them. So an address like the previous one does not cause mistrust. In addition to that, they are usually quite simple to manage and guarantee certain ease of positioning.

However, the free versions — the ones we are dealing with here — have various customization and storage restrictions. And do not allow the removal of ads. In addition to the fact that the URL, no matter how well known it is, does not quite give a professional image.

It is a good option for freelancers and micro-businesses. Since it allows them to easily create the page. Be sure that the host will not disappear overnight and, once they are ready, free domain registration.

Free Domain Name Generator: Visit


The choice between a completely free domain or a cheap hosting plan with the domain included. Will always depend on the use that we are going to extract from our website. Free options like WordPress are the most recommended for personal or short-term projects.

While, if we are looking for a solution for professional use that positions the web in search engines. It is surely worth paying a reduced fee such as that of hosting plans, which guarantee a much more complete and long-term service.

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