Shopify vs Amazon: Which Is the Better eCommerce Platform?

There is a lot of confusion for Shopify vs Amazon, which one is a better eCommerce website? It is quite difficult to state one better than another because both have created a big name by providing immense chances to sell and buy products online.   

Through Shopify, more than 6,00,000 Online Businesses have generated over $82 billion worth that shows how much Shopify is beneficial for every group of business. 

On the other hand…Amazon gets more than 200 million visitors per month on its Online Website and approx. 50% of US’s Online Businesses prefer Amazon over any other eCommerce platform. So it can be seen how much traffic is connected to Amazon. 

So, I will help you by discussing both of them briefly and then comparing both platforms based on some factors like Cost, Use, Features, and Customer Support as well. 


Shopify is a wide eCommerce platform that specialized in every level of business. It works by providing you an online store with customized tools as well.

You make your domain and space while working with it. It can be said that Shopify rents us a particular space to do storing of our online business.  

After getting that space, you can customize it according to the traffic you wanted to generate. You have to bring organic traffic to your particular website and these customers will only be introduced to your Brand Name, not with Shopify. 


On the other hand, Amazon is a simple online marketplace. It is a platform where lots of sellers sell their products and countless people come to buy your product.

The traffic is generated through products, not by particular brands. So, growing Brand value is not a good option on Amazon. 

While working on Amazon, retailers can also make a good profit as Amazon provides worth features to both a business and an individual reseller. Medium and Small-sized businesses have the opportunity to grow by this platform. 

What About Pricing?

Shopify Pricing: A simple pricing method including three basic plans. Their three Shopify plans are priced at:

  • You pay $29 per month for the “Basic Shopify” pricing plan.
  • You pay $79 per month for the “Shopify” pricing plan.
  • You pay $299 per month for the “Advanced Shopify” pricing plan.

The main difference between each lies in the fees it charges for accepting credit cards. Each Shopify plan changes the number of staff accounts available, as well as the ability to send out gift cards, and recover abandoned shopping carts.

Amazon Pricing: If you want to start selling on Amazon, you’ll first choose between Amazon’s two service plans: Individual or Professional.

  • Individual: Pay $0.99 per item sold, plus referral fees ranging from 6-25% depending on the category. 
  • Professional: Pay $39.99 per month. You will be paying extra selling fees, which as we said, vary depending on what kind of products you sell.

Shopify vs Amazon: Pros and Cons

Shopify Pros and Cons

Fast loading timeThe more expensive yearly bill
Easy to handle the online storeLimited capability
You can build your BrandMore work to build and maintain a store
You can focus more on targeting the audienceCustomization is better with other platforms.
Shopify includes hosting and security
24/7 support – have your issues resolved around the clock
Sell on other channels like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, and Pinterest as a built-in feature

Amazon Pros and Cons

Millions of people visit the AmazonCompetition very high
Amazon can handle your inventory storage, packing, and shipping for youYou have fewer chances to build a strong brand image on Amazon
No riskThe platform is not customizable
All people trusted by amazonYou don’t own traffic or customers

Comparison Between Shopify and Amazon

  • Pricing: The lite plan of Shopify starts from $29 per month; you have to purchase a monthly subscription to stay connected to Shopify. Two advance plans with extra and impressive features are also present with a standard price range. Moreover, for plugins or extra features, you have to pay a monthly subscription as well. 

On the other hand, Amazon eCommerce also charges pretty costs for its features. Professional accounts are much higher in costs. 

*So, both Shopify and Amazon charge an average price but overall…Amazon costs are lower. 

  • Scope of Sales: You will get a massive audience on Amazon. Customers didn’t need to know about your name and brand, they assure the product because it is present on Amazon. This creates an opportunity for retailers, they can sell a diversity of products of different brands. Data states that more than 2 million sellers enjoy the benefits of this platform across the world.  

Shopify eCommerce is self-popular for providing business opportunities to small retailers.

*Moreover, Shopify has a Mobile view as well that increases the customers’ attraction.

  • Work and Use: Talking about the working of Amazon, this platform makes the resellers work easy by packaging and shipping the products…that saves time and money and a lot. Moreover, if you are a Prime Member of Amazon, you will get free shipping.        

While working on Amazon, you don’t need to advertise your brand to get customers, because most people shop due to the brand value of Amazon only.  

Moving towards Shopify…it is the easiest eCommerce platform to use. Shopify short out your work by providing its Hosting and Developers, the software needed to start your business are already present in Shopify. 

*So, both the sites offer an easy mode of working in their way. 

  • Management: The management process is quite time-consuming in Shopify. You need to have basic technical knowledge while working on Shopify set-up and management. This platform demands time to start an online business. 

However, while working on Amazon you don’t need much technical skill. Yet, the management of inventories demands your time. If you are selling products on other platforms than Amazon, you have to update your inventory status. 

*Therefore, whether it is Shopify or Amazon, you have to give some time to their management. 

  • Customer Support: Amazon has created a lot of opportunities and they provide the best customer support as well. You can enjoy the benefit of credit card processes, inventory tracking, and sales tax cancelation. Whether there is an individual or a whole company Amazon is always ready to solve every problem if you face. 

The same situation is with Shopify also, they provide 24X7 Community Support. Moreover, premium services come with premium plans. 

*So, both eCommerce platforms have good customer support, which is an essential part of online business. 

  • Themes: Theme plays an important role in Brand Recognition and customer attraction. Getting a good and attractive theme is a good step for your business.  

In Shopify, you have a variety of options in themes. Over 2 thousand themes with paid and free options are available on this platform.  

On the other hand, Amazon has a quite short but impressive range of themes. These themes are free and paid as well. 

Shopify vs Amazon: Which Should You Use?

So, after discussing the necessary points and comparing both. We can see both Shopify and Amazon have some pros and cons. 

Shopify is a simple website with maintained features and Amazon is a versatile platform at low prices. 

Shopify offers much more freedom than Amazon. But Amazon is recommended more for beginners.  

Whereas, selection between any eCommerce platform depends upon your expertise, requirements, and budget as well. It depends on the type of business model you have.

Hope this Shopify vs Amazon article helped you! By commenting below, let us know which one you liked and going to use soon…

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