Shopify vs WordPress: Which Is the Better eCommerce Platform?

Shopify vs WordPress

Shopify vs WordPress: Looking for an online shopping store? Or you are going to start a business with an online shopping store? Well, if you are then you clicked on the right article! 

Most of us got confused about choosing the correct online shopping store. Among various platforms, Shopify and WordPress are two reputed sites. 

Now, if you are finding it difficult to select anyone…don’t worry! 

This article is a complete comparison of both the platforms as WordPress vs Shopify. 

But before starting the topic…do you know why selecting an online shopping platform is important? 

If you own a business, then choosing the right eCommerce platform will improve your profit and traffic as well. 

Today, you can build your e-commerce platform with a few clicks. Easy set-up processes and convenient management are offered by every platform. By some steps your product listing can be done, you can check all orders with a single click. 

These aspects make an e-commerce platform best for DropShipping. 

So, let’s take our topic further and know more about Shopify and WordPress.


Shopify Website

Being a popular and most used e-commerce platform, Shopify provides modest methods to build an online store with basic knowledge. 

Shopify is running smoothly, worldwide it is used by thousands of small retailers. This is a secure eCommerce company with the least issues. They are connected to millions of businesses and still growing. 

This platform was founded in 2016 but within 4 years it covered almost 60% of this market and it is the second-best e-commerce platform! Today, Shopify has worth more than $1.5 million



You may not be aware but approx. 34% of websites are using WordPress for their e-commerce source.

It is a free and open-source Content Management System.   

In May 2017 it was developed under WordPress Foundation, the main minds behind these amazing platforms were….Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. 

WordPress uses PHP language and MySQL and Maria DB as the database for this platform. 

Now those who are looking for a manageable platform…WordPress is built for them!

What About Pricing?

Shopify offers advanced features like tools and app access, so it charges quite more than other companies.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify Pricing – You get three plans: 

  • You pay $29 per month for the “Basic Shopify” pricing plan.
  • You pay $79 per month for the “Shopify” pricing plan.
  • You pay $299 per month for the “Advanced Shopify” pricing plan.

On other hand, WordPress doesn’t provide any specific pricing.

Shopify vs WordPress: Pros and Cons

Shopify Pros and Cons

Multiple apps are available to list products.The more expensive yearly bill
Multiplicity in themes and templates.It takes time to know about the working of Shopify.
User-friendly base.Transaction fee gets added to every payment.
A lot of shopping features for both customers and users.Limited capability
Easy management and integration with tools.Customization is better with other platforms.
Offline sale feature.
24/7 support – have your issues resolved around the clock.
Sell on other channels like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, and Pinterest as a built-in feature

WordPress Pros and Cons

It provides a user-friendly Content Management System.WordPress may not stand at your expected speed.
WordPress promoted good SEO.Customization demands time and skill on this platform.
Unlimited customization optionsAs it is open-source…security may face issues.
Choose from thousands of free WordPress themes and pluginsYou will need to pay for your domain and hosting
Being open-source it is easy to manage.

Comparison Between Shopify and WordPress

From the above data we got to know that Shopify has almost all the tools you needed for building an online store, it offers to host as well. 

While o WordPress, you need to work on WooCommerce and host your site. Installation of plugins and backlinks is done through this only! 

Now, let’s move on to some essential factors and compare both the platform as Shopify vs WordPress.

Ease of Use

Most of the users are afraid of doing coding and when they hear Online Set-up, coding is the first thing they think. So, eCommerce must offer easy usage and management and of course no or minimal coding! 

Shopify has a very convenient dashboard that provides control of every basic thing you need while selling or purchasing. 

While on WordPress you should know at least a basic level of coding. Being a starter, this is needed on this platform…however, set-up and selling online can be done through modest steps.

Winner: Shopify wins as it doesn’t demand any high technical or coding skills.

E-Commerce Plans

Have a look at plans provided on Shopify:

  • Basic Shopify: $29 per/month 
  • Shopify: $79 per/month
  • Advance Shopify: $299 per/month

Being open-source, WordPress doesn’t provide specific pricing. 

Winner: Both serve different values.

Features and E-commerce Tools

Shopify is a platform where you can sell limitless digital or physical products at any price. 

Other functions like marketing, analyzing, inventory, and tools are easy to modest. This platform offers hundreds of features like Multi-Channel Integration, Discount Code, and many more. 

These are the best way to control your online platform. 

On the other hand, WordPress works quite differently for this. All e-commerce tools and features are offered by a third party. 

Lots of plugins and other tools are provided from WooCommerce and Ecwid. If you combine their features…you will get benefits like Digital-Physical Products, Products Review and Filters, Shipping Calculator, Guest Checkout, and latterly many more. 

Winner: Both Shopify and WordPress stand best in this factor. However, WordPress is quite better it provides more plugins and secondary tools. Shopify has the quality and WordPress has both quality and quantity. 


You can do SEO on Shopify using different methods like title, descriptions, and many more. Here, you get a particular bunch for SEO. 

While on WordPress it is done by adding external plugins. Yoast SEO is the most popular plugin on WordPress that can be selected for $69. 

Winner: Having better and more SEO tools…Shopify wins in this field. 

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Support and Security 

Besides, features…having suitable security and support is important as well. 

Once you select and plan on Shopify, you get 24/7 service through e-mail, live chat, phone, and Shopify Center.

And if you get Shopify Plus…you will get personal guidance from managers. 

WordPress provides no direct help. There is no proper customer service on this platform. 

Talking about Security…both are secure platforms. Users may find WordPress not as secure as being an open-source!  

Winner: Shopify wins by offering better customer service and security than WordPress.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

I hope you found ample details in Shopify vs WordPress article. Now the question arises…which one is better than Shopify or WordPress? 

Selecting an e-commerce platform depends upon your requirements. This means you need to tally your demands and expectations with aspects of these platforms. 

We can say that Shopify is the best for beginners. If you are new to this platform…you must go for this! And if you have some experience in this field…WordPress is a much better platform. 

Which one you are going to choose Shopify or WordPress? Comment below and let us know…

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