WPX Hosting vs Kinsta: Who is Better in 2021?

WPX Hosting vs Kinsta

WPX Hosting vs Kinsta: In this article, you will know about Kinsta and WPX, you will get a detailed comparison of these two hostings as Kinsta vs WPX Hosting. 

But before jumping to the topic…do you know… 

Hosting is an essential part of a business. Whether you own a large, medium, or small-sized business…web hosting became very important to all sized businesses. 

Today, businesses understand the significance of web hosting and how it solves their problems. 

Different hosting providers offer their hosting to compete in the market as almost all trade transactions shifted to online mode. This created huge competition in the market to provide the best web hosting. 

Kinsta and WPX are the two most preferred hosting by users.

So let’s discover more about them…

What are Kinsta and WPX Hosting? 

These both hosting are managed and commonly known as WordPress hosting providers.

If you are a self-hosted blogger…you must be heard about Kinsta. It is highly popular in the WordPress community.

However, WPX Hosting is not much popular as Kinsta Hosting. Not every blogger heard about this hosting. But while comparing these hosting…popularity will not be a base.

They will be compared with some essential factors!

Both the hosting was founded in 2013. Although you will also get WooCommerce and Enterprise hosting service on Kinsta.

WPX and Kinsta, both provide quality hosting and suitable performance to their users.   

I myself used these both hosting for a while and earned a lot of experience while working on them. So, you will able to identify which one is much better for you…

Plans, Pricing, and Features

Entry PlanWPX HostingKinsta
“Business” / “Starter$20.83/month$30/month
“Professional” / “Pro$42.58/month$60/month
“Elite” / “Business$83.25/month$100/month
Renewal PriceWPX HostingKinsta
“Business” / “Starter$24.99/month$30/month
“Professional” / “Pro$49.99/month$60/month
“Elite” / “Business$99/month$100/month
Websites15 Website5 Wbsite
Space20 GB (SSD)30 GB (SSD)
Bandwidth200 GB BandwidthUnlimited
Site BuilderYesYes
Free DomainsYesNo
Control PanelCustom cPanelcPanel
Free BackupsDay Automatic BackupsAutomatic Daily Backups
Free MigrationYesUnlimited Free Migrations
Free Email AccountsYesYes
CDNWPX Cloud CDN (their own)Free CDN
SSLFree SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
SpeedGoogle Cloud Platform (GCP). NGINX, PHP 7, SuperCacher caching, HTTP/2Google Cloud Platform (GCP). NGINX, PHP 7, SuperCacher caching, HTTP/2
Site MigrationUnlimited Site Migrations To WPXUnlimited Free Migrations
Security Day Automatic and Manual Backups
DDoS Protection
Malware Scanning & Removal
Active/Passive Security Protocols, Firewalls, Daily Backups
Money-Back Guarantee30 Days30 Days
Customer SupportVery GoodVery Good
Check PriceNow 50% DiscountNow 50% Discount

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Comparison Between Kinsta vs WPX Hosting

1. Features

Let’s look at an outline of features…provided by both the hosting.


  • Website migration for free.
  • Nginx reverse proxy.
  • CloudflareRailgun.
  • 1-click site development.
  • Disk space, scale visit, CDN.


  • 1-click WordPress installations. 
  • Unlimited website migration for free.
  • Staging area.
  • E-mail.
  • SSL certificates.

2. Performance and Speed

Being a blogger you just heard that hosting with more price performers better, compared to hosting with less price. This myth is followed by the majority of WordPress users. However, you should not compare the performance and speed of hosting with its price.

As I mentioned… Kinsta hosting costs more than WPX, but you get better speed on WPX!

Kinsta is counted as the fastest hosting for WordPress. And provide suitable speed and performance. But when it comes to Uptime, both hosting provide 99.99% uptime!

This was my experience on the speed of these hosting, also different bloggers state different theories on their speed.

Verdict: Both Kinsta and WPX provide great speed and uptime.

3. Pricing

Price is the most important factor while purchasing an online service. Spending more than a budget is not a useful decision… you can save money and invest in other factors of your blog.

Kinsta starts from $30 per month where you can host one site of WordPress and it provides 20000 visitors in a month. However, WPX starts with $24.99 per month where you can get up to 300K visitors in a month!

Let’s look at some most preferred plans of these hosting…

Starting Plans:

  • Kinsta: $30 per month, 10GB disk space, and 1 website.
  • WPX: $24.99 per month, 10GB disk space, and 5 websites.

Professional Plans:

  • Kinsta: $60 per month, 20GB disk space, and 2 websites.
  • WPX: $49.99 per month, 20GB disk space, and 15 websites.

Business Plans:

  • Kinsta: $100 per month, 30GB disk space, and 5 websites.
  • WPX: $99 per month, 40GB disk space, and 35 websites.

Verdict: WPX is capable of providing more visitors to your website! Price of both hosting almost look the same but there is a huge difference in what you get in their plan.

4. Content Delivery Network

CDN service became important for a website. You can deliver faster content on CSS, Images, JavaScript, and many more. Your content gets delivered quicker across the world!    

On Kinsta…it is done through a third party KeyCDN. While WPX has WPX Cloud CDN…high-speed cloud for this service.

Verdict: WPX has its own CDN service so you will get a better facility on this hosting.

5. Customer Support 

The chances of facing issues were always there. You can face any technical problem related to hosting…so having hosting with good and experienced support is important for your website.

Coming on these hosting…you will get valuable chat support on both. The average connecting time is 30-50 seconds.

However, WPX allows you to connect with them…without having a WPX Account. While you need to create an ID to chat with Kinsta Customer Support.  

Verdict: Both Kinsta and WPX have well-informed support agents but WPX supports quite better!

6. Backup and Security

What if your whole data get deleted? Or what if your website gets hacked? To avoid this condition you need a hosting that claims to be secure and in case you face this issue…you must have a backup!

Kinsta and WPX both provide great backup options. You can store your data in their memory easily.    

However, Kinsta is a more secured web hosting than WPX!

Kinsta uses Goggle Cloud as a backend and becomes fast-secured hosting on WordPress.

Moreover, you can’t underestimate WPX in terms of security. They provide their best tools to secure your data.

Verdict: Both provide suitable backup and security.

WPX Hosting vs Kinsta: Pros and Cons

WPX Hosting Pros and Cons

Fastest HostingLimited storage
Day Automatic BackupsPrice very high
Free SSL certificatesNothing to else
99.95% Uptime
Malware Scanning & Removal
Unlimited Site Migrations To WPX

Kinsta Hosting Pros and Cons

Very Fastest HostingPrice very high
Day Automatic BackupsLacks phone support
Free SSL certificatesNothing to else
99.99% Uptime
Simple set-up and migration
Awesome technical support
Optimized for eCommerce

Conclusion: Which one is better?

Above we compare the two most popular web-hosting as Kinsta vs WPX Hosting.

We can see both hostings varies and conforms to different factors. On Kinsta, you get brand value… it has more users and fans on WordPress. Also, it has a simple dashboard that makes usage easy!

On the other hand, WPX has some straightforward work.

Now the question arises…Which one should I choose? Well, the answer depends on your requirements.

Kinsta offers quality hosting services at a high price whereas WPX provides suitable hosting-services under an affordable budget.

Those who want to use the best web hosting on WordPress… must go for Kinsta Hosting. Although it will cost a little expensive!

And if you are new to this field and looking for cheap web hosting… WPX is the best option for you. You will get sufficient hosting services at a budget-friendly price!

I hope you found this article useful! What is your preference…WPX Hosting vs Kinsta? Comment below and let me know

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